Scuba Diving in Tagulandang, Sitaro, Sagnier islands

Although currently there is no dive center in Tagulandang, if you are a certified Scuba Diver, you can dive in and around the Island. In the neighboring island of Siau there is a Dive center (Siau Diving). You can contact us, and we will let them know you want to dive in Tagulandang. They will bring all the equipment to Tagulandang. They have experienced Divemasters. The owner can speak English.

The best diving spots in Tagulandang are:

  • Batu Ampat: In front of the market in Bahoi. Access by boat. Depths between 15 and 35 meters. Soft and hard corals (fan and drum corals, among others). Plenty of schooling fish (fusiliers and mackerels), moray eels, stingrays, cuttlefish and shrimps.
  • Tanjung Angus: in Ruang Island. Access by boat. Depths between 15 and 40 eters. Plenty of soft and hard corals.
  • Ruang Black Sand: spot for finding weird creatures. Similar to Lembeh. Macro.
  • Pasighe Island: Wall diving. with strong currents. Plenty of big fish and hard and soft corals.
  • Lesah: In front of Lesah Town. Similar to Batu Ampat, but a little further way from the beach.
  • Bahoi Beach: Easy diving, apt for beginners. Hard and soft corals, and plenty of schooling fish.
  • Harbor: good spot for night diving. Schooling fish, squids, and macro.