Fishing the traditional way in Tagulandang. North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Fishing in Tagulandang is part of the local culture. The boats are locally made, following the models from the Philippines, a narrow boat with two outrigger arms. They are very fast and energy efficient.

Tagulandang Island. Traditional Fishing Boat. Perahu Filipin.
Tagulandang Island. Traditional Fishing Boat. Perahu Filipin.

The best time for fishing is very early in the morning, and late at night. If you want to follow a fishing trip, we recommend the morning tour. It departs from the beach of Bahoi at 5 AM. Still dark, the boat will arrive at Tanjung Angus, in front of Ruang Island. A dozen of similar boats (perahus), will join in the search for mackerel fish. One line can have more than 300 hooks. On a lucky day, it is normal to catch one hundred fish in one take. After one or two hours of fishing, the boat will go to the fish market in Bahoi. The price for this tour  is 100.000 Rp (per boat, max 2 persons).

In the following video, you can follow a morning fishing trip: