Things To Do in Tagulandang. North Sulawesi, Indonesia

The list of things to do in Tagulandang is wide and long. Being an island, the list, of course, includes all type of water activities, but this is not all.

Top 13 things to do in and around Tagulandang:

  1. Snorkeling around the islands of Tagulandang, Ruang and Pasigue.
  2. Beaches: swimming and sunbathing.
  3. Diving: Scuba Diving in Tagulandnag, Ruand and Pasighe Islands.
  4. Dolphins spotting.
  5. Motorbike riding around Tagulandang.
  6. Climbing Mount Ruang.
  7. Bird watching, in the forest or on the waters of Tagulandang.
  8. Bicycling around the island.
  9. Fishing with the local traditional way (Line Fishing).
  10. Sunset enjoying.
  11. Fish Market Tour. Visiting the fish stands.
  12. Mangrove Tour
  13. Farm Tour.

If you want to join in any of the listed activities, contact us and we will organize it for you. If you want to follow an activity not listed here, we can do it too!