Stay Safe and Healthy Tips. Tagulandang, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Stay Safe:

Tagulandang Island has a very low crime rate. Violence is very rare in the island. Many houses do not lock at night, and it is common that during the day the houses have all doors fully open. But as always when traveling, visitors must follow some precautions. Do not leave your things unattended. Keep your money and Documents (Passports) in a safe place.

Stay Healthy:

In the town of Bahoi there are a couple of Pharmacies with the most common medication available (for flu, for headache, for stomach problems, etc). If you have any disease that needs to be treated with a specific medicine, better you bring it from home.

A brand new hospital was inaugurated in 2016 in the town of Bahoi, Tagulandang Island. The hospital is still not fully operational, but many doctors already work there. For major incidents, there are a few hospitals with international standards in the city of Manado (3h by ferry). If you need an operation, we recommended to go to Singapore (3h by plane form Manado)  or Penang (Malaysia, 5h by plane form Manado), which have the best hospitals in the region.

Do and Do not Do for Snorkelers:

  • Do not step on the corals.
  • Do not touch the corals, the fish or any living animals in the water.
  • Do not take any coral, fish, mollusk, stone or sand. Only take pictures, please.
  • Do not harass the fish or the animals.
  • Keep a distance from the corals.
  • Collect the rubbish and plastics.
  • Bring good memories back home.