Practical Information about Tagulandang. North Sulawesi. Indonesia.

ATM’s/Banks/Money Exchange:

Currently there are two Bank branches in Tagulandang. They are local Indonesian Banks, with ATM’s that accept international cards. They do not offer money exchange. The ATM’s are located in Bahoi/Buhias Town.


There is plenty of small shops (deli) that sell everyday products. From anti mosquitoes to toilet paper, you can find almost everything. These small shops also sell food and drinks. Most of the snacks come in plastic wrappings, thus we do not recommend them!

Next to the market in Bahoi, you will find the big shops, with clothes, shoes, backpacks, hats, sunglasses,etc for sale.


Currently only one telecommunication company offers signal in Tagulandang, Telkomsel. The signal does not reach all the island. Some towns, and part of the towns, are in a dark area. Next to the harbor, and in the harbor, is the best signal.

Telkomsel offers up to 3G in the island. Again the best spot is the harbor of Bahoi.

You can buy the SIM card for Telkomsel in Tagulandang. We recommend to buy a prepaid card, and to purchase an internet packet.

In Bahoi there are a couple of Warnets (Internet Cafes) with computers, that offer decent internet speed.


There are no clubs or pubs in Tagulandang. If you are in the mood for party, you can  join the locals. Almost every week(end) there is a celebration in one of the houses in town!


Beer (and local alcohols) are available in the shops in Tagulandang, but not in the restaurants or warungs. Women should not drink in public.


There are no souvenirs for sale. There are no tourists in Tagulandang after all. If you want to bring a souvenir back home, check the cookies they sell at the market.

Taking souvenirs from the beach is not OK. Corals, shells, stones, sand, should not be removed from Tagulandang!

What to pack:

  • Clothes: T-shirts, bermudas, sandals, a light raincoat, a jacket or a jumper (for the ferry’s AC)
  • For the Beach: swimming pants (and full swimming suits for the ladies), Sun protection T-shirts, Sun Block Cream (+30 UPF), a hat, sunglasses, mask, snorkel, fins, beach boots, a towel, a sarong (beach wrap), a waterproof back for Phone/money.
  • For hiking: hiking boots.
  • Medicines: aspirins, anti-mosquito lotion, motion sickness pills, stomach pills. Note that these medicines you can also buy in Tagulandang. If you need any specific medicine, bring some spare.