Mahoro Island, Sitaro, Sulawesi Utara

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How to get to Mahoro Island?

To get to Mahoro, you first have to go to the island of Siau, in Sitaro, North Sulawesi. There’s a fast ferry every morning departing from Manado at 9:30, from Marina Harbor. It takes around four hours to get to Siau. You can also take a night ferry from Manado, departing at 20:00 from the Marina Harbor. It takes about six hours.

Alternatively, you can also get to Mahoro Island from the Island of Tagulandang, but only when the sea is calm (usually around May)

To get to the island of Mahoro from Siau you will have to rent a boat with a captain. There’s no public transportation to Mahoro. Ask your hotel or the tourist agency, in the harbor of Siau. The price for the boat for one day including the crew and the gasoline is around 1,5 million rupias (100€). The boat can accommodate up to fifteen guests.

Where to stay in Mahoro Island?

There’s no place to stay in Mahoro. The only option is camping. Usually a one day visit is enough. If you want to stay one night bring your own tent, and ask the captain if he can pick you up next day.

In Siau there’s a few hotels. The one we recommend is Hotel Jakarta. There’s also a simple cottage next to the village of Biau. This is a good option too, it’s close to Mahoro.

What to eat in Mahoro Island?

There’s no place to eat in the island of Mahoro. You will have to bring your own food. You can ask any local restaurant to “bunkus” (take away) your food. Or ask your captain.

In Siau there’s many places to eat.

Things to do in Mahoro Island

The main thing to do is enjoy the beach : swimming, snorkeling, sun bathing and taking pictures.

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