Lihaga Island, Sulawesi Utara (Manado)

How to get to Lihaga Island?

You can access the Island of Lihaga from Manado and from Bitung (Lembeh Straits).

In order to get to  Lihaga Island you need a car with a driver to get to the village of Likupang (around one and a half or two hours). Alternatively you can take a taxi, but you will have to arrange the pick up service in the evening to go back to Manado (or Bitung).

In Likupang you need to rent a boat to get to the island of Lihaga. Ask your driver to take you to the harbor. There is a few boats available. The price is around one million Indonesian Rupiah per day (including the crew and the gasoline). You can bargain. The boats are big and can accommodate up to 20 passengers. The captain will take you to the beach of Lihaga and wait for you untill the evening.

Where to stay in Lihaga Island?

Lihaga is a very small island with no accommodation available. You can camp on the beach (after paying the camping permit), if you bring your own tent.

You can visit the Island of Lihaga as a one day trip from Manado or Bitung (Lembeh). Manado and Bitung have a big offer of places to stay.

What to eat in Lihaga Island?

In the Island of Lihaga there are no restaurants. You must bring your own food. You can ask any restaurant in Manado (Or Bitung) to prepare a lunch for taking away. You must also bring your own drinks.

Things to do in Lihaga Island

The main thing to do are: Enjoying the white sand beach, swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing.