Getting in Tagulandang, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Getting in Tagulandang:

Tagulandang from Abroad

From Europe, America, Asia, Australia or Africa, the most convenient way of reaching Tagulandang is by flying to the airport of Singapore (SIN), from where there is a direct flight to Manado. Other alternative airports are Kuala Lumpur (KUL) or Jakarta (CGK).

Manado from Abroad

From Singapore you have direct flights to Manado (MDC) with Silk Air.
From Jakarta you have direct flights to Manado (MDC) with Lion Air, Garuda and Citilink.
From Kuala Lumpur you do not have direct flights to Manado (MDC). You have to transit in Makassar (UPG).

If you are already in Indonesia. Take a flight to Manado. Manado Airport (MDC) has domestic flights to/from Jakarta, Bali, Makassar, Sorong, Ternate, Balikpapan, Surabaya, Ambon, and Gorontalo, among others.The main companies that fly to Manado are: Garuda, Citilink, Lionair, Batik Air, and XpressAir.

Manado to Tagulandang

Once in Manado you have three companies that go to the Island of Tagulandang: Majestic Kawanua, TurboJet and Marina Bay.

The ferries from Majestic Kawanua depart every day from Manado at 9:30 in the morning, except Sundays that it departs at 10:30 am. The journey takes around two hours and a half. From Tagulandang it departs every day around 12:30 pm in the direction of Manado, except Sundays when it departs at 13:30 pm. The price of the ticket in Executive (air con, TV, and lunch) is 175.000 Rp. VIP is 215.000 Rp.

TurboJet company has currently one boat. It departs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Manado at 9.30 am, except Sundays when it departs at 10:30 am. From Tagulandang it departs every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Price is 125.000 Rp.

Marina Bay Ferry. Manado-Tagulandang-Siau-Tahuna. Harbor of Manado. Sulawesi Utara. Indonesia.

The Marina Bay (or Ave Maria) depart every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 17:00 in the evening from the harbor of Manado. The journey lasts around four hours. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,  they depart from the harbor of Tagulandang in the direction of Manado. The price of the Ticket is 90.000 Rp.

To take these ferries, you can take a taxi from your hotel in Manado. Ask your driver to take you to the Marina Harbor (or Sagnier Pelabuhan: Tagulandang, Siau and Tahuna). You can buy the tickets for Majestic Kawanua and Marina Bay at the offices you will see at your right hand side before entering the harbor.

We recommend the Majestic Kawanua and TurboJet, for its service and for its speed. The final destination of this ferry is the Island of  Tahuna, with a stop over in the Island of Siau. Be alert with the announcements, and do not forget the first stop is Tagulandang!

* Prices and Schedule as December 2017