Shark Fishing officially banned in Tagulandang.

Shark fishing banned in Tagulandang.
Shark fishing banned in Tagulandang.

Following the Indonesian Law, Tagulandang’s authorities have officially banned the fishing of sharks, and the sale of its meat in the local markets.

Shark fishing has a long history in the Sagnier Islands. Unlike in many other locations, where sharks are caught to cut their fins for the Chinese market, in Tagulandang shark fins was not the main reason for killing the sharks.. Most of the sharks caught around the waters of Tagulandang  were sold in the fish market of Buhias, where locals appreciated its meat

It is estimated that more than one hundred million sharks are killed every year around the Asia Pacific region. Sharks play an important role in keeping the oceans, and the coral reefs, healthy. The main role of the sharks is to kill the sick and the old fish. This is specially important in the coral reefs, were the less fit are eliminated by the efficient sharks. When the population of sharks decreases in an area, the number of sick and unhealthy fish increases too. Many contagious illnesses spread in the waters with no sharks, decreasing the number of the rest of the species. Although many uninformed people think that waters with no sharks are safer, it is actually the opposite. So keep the sharks alive!!

Long live to the coral reefs of Tagulandang!!!

Congratulations to the local authorities.


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