Tagulandang Tourist Information. North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Tagulandang is an island located two and a half hours North from the City of Manado, in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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Mass tourism has not yet discovered this unique island. The inhabitants of Tagulandang still live a very simple, but happy, life. The main occupation of the local people are fishing, farming (fruits and spices), and construction.

Its secluded beaches (some with white sand), its snorkeling sites, its fishing spots and, above all, its amazing sunsets, will seduce any adventurer tourist who comes to the unexplored island of Tagulandang.

Weather in Tagulandang:

Tagulandang has a tropical climate, with two seasons: the wet (and rainy season),  from October to March; and the dry season, the rest of the year.

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How to get to Tagulandang?

Tagulandang can be accessed by ferry from Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Every day ferries travel from this city to the harbor of Tagulandang.

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How to get around Tagulandang?

Tagulandang has  a good network of local transports. It can be visited by motorbike, by motorized Tricycle, by minibus, by local boat, and, last but not least, on foot.

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Getting out of Tagulandang

After your stay in Tagulandang, you can head North (to the neighboring islands of Siau or/and Tahuna), or South (back to Manado, Bunaken and/or Tomohon).

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Things to see in Tagulandang

Tagulandang main tourist attractions are in the island of Tagulandang itself, and on the two small islands next to it: Pulau Ruang and Pulau Pasighe.

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Things to do in Tagulandang

The list of things to do is quite large: Snorkeling in its coral reefs, fishing with a traditional boat, dolphin spotting, climbing Ruang Vulcano Mountain, riding a motorbike, etc etc.

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Places to sleep in Tagulandang

Currently there are three hotels in Tagulandang. All of them are in the town of Bahoi. Home staying is also possible.

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Places to eat in Tagulandang

The offer of places to eat is limited, but enough to satisfy your every day needs. Most of the restaurants are in the town of Bahoi.

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Practical Information about Tagulandang

There’s ATM’s in Tagulandang, but no Money Exchange. There is plenty of small delivery shops, that sell every day products. No bars or clubs, though.

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Stay Safe in Tagulandang

Tagulandang is located in a remote island. Even the island has two pharmacies and a hospital, you must prepare your trip before arriving.

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